The following tools are intended to help directors carry out their oversight responsibilities and to be more effective.  The tools also help answer questions posed under the “Board Questions” tab. (Clicking on the link next to the title will bring up a printable PDF file.)




  1. For tips on successful board evaluations, read GSG Board Evaluation Infographic
  2. For “how to” tips regarding the skills matrix, read  Skills Matrix Example
  3. To view presentation slides, read Webinar How the Best Boards are Made 6.30.16, andthe following link shares the audio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZ3oEk5_fh0
  4. Building Effective Boards 5.16.16 presentation slides
  5. A Guide to Better Board Meetings
  6. Board Succession Planning – Charting Your Process 2.17.16
  7. First published in The Corporate Governance Advisor, January/February 2016: Trusted Boards Is Yours?
  8. Considering a Board of Advisors?  Read: How To Build An Effective Board of Advisors
  9. Need a refresher on board evaluations? Read: Why Do A Board Assessment – The Optimizer Magazine 12.2014
  10. On August 13, 2014, I had the pleasure of speaking with the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives. Read:  ACCE Enhancing Board Performance 8.13.15 Final
  11. Looking for board succession planning tips?  Read:  The Board Skills Matrix – An Annual Tool
  12. Feeling overwhelmed by Board Books?  You’re Not Alone. Read: The Director’s Chair-NACD May-June 2014
  13. Where is your board on the developmental curve?  Look at: Board Development Stages
  14. Board culture is a “live” process.  For tips, read: 9 Tips For Better Board Culture 2.14.14
  15. The lead director position has evolved.  It is more critical and time consuming.  Read: Key Responsibilities of the Lead Director 1.15.14
  16. Need a quick overview of a director’s responsibilities? Look at: Board Responsibilities – an overview 12.1.13
  17. Looking at board succession planning?  Read How To Use The Board Skills Matrix 11.8.13
  18. Considering a Board of Advisors for your company or looking for implementation tips? Read 29 Tips for Creating an Effective BOA
  19. Have a lead director? Read 9 Tips For Your Lead Director 9.4.13
  20. Should the CEO-Chair roles be split?  Read – CEO-Chair Roles — A Look at the ‘Why To’ and ‘Why Not’ 8.5.13
  21. The private company board of advisors – BOA stages – What balance is right for you 9.2013
  22. Looking for CEO succession planning tips?  Read – CEO Succession Planning – Eleven Tips for Success 6.30.13
  23. Is it time to rethink a few board governance priorities, but you’re not sure where to start? Try playing  – Board Governance Bingo
  24. Is your nonprofit board looking for a sample board survey?  Read – Nonprofit Sample Board of Trustees Evaluation Form
  25. Are you “effectively informed?”  For tips on dealing with information overload read – Comprehensive Information vs. Information Overload 2.11.13
  26. Looking for an overview of a board’s responsibilities?  Go to – Board Responsibilities – picture overview
  27. How should a nonprofit board of trustees ensure that a new president is successful and that a productive and effective relationship develops?  Read these ten tips – The Nonprofit Board’s Relationship With A New CEO 11.30.12
  28. Directors must spend more time ensuring sustainable corporate value.  To be a positive influence on value creation, effective directors follow these ten principles – Impacting Corporate Value-Ten Principles For Boards
  29. Ten Questions Board Directors Should Ask (and How to Interpret the Answers and Better Manage Your Fiduciary Responsibilities) – Ten Questions Directors Should Ask
  30. The Freeh Report – A Tick-Box Chart (Governance Lessons for Nonprofit Organizations) – The Freeh Report-A Tick-Box Exercise
  31. Hints for a better a board evaluation –  Board Assessment Tips