Board Questions 2014-2016

In recognition of the heightened interest in corporate governance, and because every board can benefit from periodically reviewing how it operates, GSG posts questions that are intended to stimulate a discussion on good corporate governance. Discuss your answers to these questions at your next board meeting.


GSG – BQs 4.2016 Director Education Programs


GSG-BQs 1.2015 What’s On Your Board’s Tool Belt

GSG – BQs 12.2015 Seven Questions Directors Should Resolve to Discuss in 2016


GSG – BQs 4.2014 Asking the Right Questions

GSG – BQs 3.2014 Crisis Management Plan

GSG – BQs 2.2014 Risk Management

GSG – BQs 1.2014 Six Things Directors Should Resolve to Discuss In 2014