Board Questions 2013

In recognition of the heightened interest in corporate governance, and because every board can benefit from periodically reviewing how it operates, GSG posts six questions each month that are intended to stimulate a discussion on good corporate governance. Discuss your answers to these questions at your next board meeting.

GSG – BQs 12.2013 A Year-End Governance Checklist

GSG – BQs 11.2013 Board Composition

GSG – BQs 10.2013 Strategic Boards

GSG – BQs 9.2013 Shareholder Relations

GSG – BQs 8.2013 Board Effectiveness Part 2

GSG – BQs 7.2013 Director Education

GSG – BQs 6.2013 CEO Succession Planning

GSG – BQs 5.2013 Defining Board Effectiveness

GSG – BQs 4.2013 Removing An Ineffective Director

GSG – BQs 3.2013 Comp Committee Work

GSG – BQs 2.2013 Social Media

GSG – BQs 1.2013 Board Resolutions